Cockroaches & Rat Demons | WhO Got the Blame series

Let me just go straight to the point.

If the devil chooses Cockroaches & Rats as a force against me, then the devil has a very small mind-set because his agents will be facing Lion, Tigers and Elephant.
Prince Lee is not foolish to choose ants as an agent to fight against Cockroaches & Rats.

Cockroaches & Rat demons are too small for any christain to start running from prophets to prayer house finding shelter.

Believe me,
this is very ridiculous in the sight of God & I could see angels laughing at those that perform this act.

Dear Prince Lee;
Pls this is not a physical battle but a spiritual battle & it is not something u should be joking about.

Oh! Oh! Oh!
The devil has no chance to stand against me if it is a spiritual battle because,
where would he find me when I am seated with Christ?
Don’t you know that He that is in me is God and as He is, so am I.
and he is greater than every forces in Heaven, on earth and even under the earth.

This is  F U N s t o r y
From  The Amazing Prince Lee

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