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Funstory – Mr. ii The Ant

Funstory – Mr ii
The Soldier Ant that led the whole colony into a human kitchen.

The kitchen is the most important department in the house. It is a factory for food production and a place where everyone loves to enter.
It is also the most monitored part of the house. The Women of the house can explain this.

Mr. ill was a leader and a philosopher in the Ant Kingdom who led the whole colony into a Human Kitchen in search of food after making shallow google research about the kitchen. The entire Ant kingdom was destroyed that day with kerosene.

Have you come across someone who just made brief online research and start up a business?
Have you met someone who just read a few passages of the Bible and opened a Church?

hahaha… I know you will laugh but
Believe me.
There are a lot of people like this

Dear Mr. Prince Lee
My Name is Kuru from Nwiikpereh.
Thank you so much for this wonderful and another beautiful story you just rendered. I love the story of Mr. ii the Ant.

You are welcome Mr. kuru but
I don’t want you to only focus on the story of Mr. ii the Ant. I want you to also focus on LEADERSHIP
A leader without foresight or a thorough knowledge of the word of God could lead the people astray.
You need to ensure you trust who leads you or you have to be sure of your leadership to others.

The best place to be as a leader is in the Word of God. Stay there.
The Word of God is Christ and Christ is a place. That is why we are in Christ.
In Christ, we obtain wisdom because Christ is our wisdom.
If you are not consistent in studying the word of God or you lack understanding as a leader, you can lead the people astray.

Mr. ii didn’t understand that the kitchen is not only a storehouse for food but also a storehouse for dangerous chemicals like kerosene. Maybe Mr. ii was leading the kingdom all this while with shallow knowledge.

A Leader who is filled with the Holy Ghost and the accurate knowledge of God’s word cannot lead the people into a death trap.

So be filled with God’s word.

God bless you.
Thank you for reading Funstory. I hope you are inspired.
Prince Lee

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