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He Called Me by Prince Lee – NEW SINGLE LOADING

Prince Lee Interview…

Someone ASKED ME last week on Facebook

Dear Prince Lee
When are u gonna do a new song?
I was silent for a moment, but I told him DAT a new song will soon drop

I never had any plan to do any new song yet after I did the single You Reign’ in the year 2016.
YOU REIGN (produced 2016)
Has set a standard for me and I have been so careful not to do anything less.
I have met some musicians to improve my musical skills and also desired sponsorship which has come to no avail yet.

Since I did YOU REING (2016) I have faced serious challenges generally DAT has affected my ministry but I kept on believing in God.

I know DAT God will make a way for me so I keep on believing.

I am so grateful to God that finally, I have a single that is coming soon

When there seems to be no way Jesus called me HIS own.

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