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Believe me,
Babes are a nightmare to any young man on a quest to succeed in life because even 50 naira can go a long way in a step to greatness.

I have a friend I love to write about all the time. His name is Mr. E
He is an auspicious fine-looking young man and full of ideas & skills and he has a dream of establishing his own global company. in other for Mr. E to achieve his dream, he needs TIME & MONEY.

Mr. E also has a gorgeous babe. her name is Angelina.
ha ha ha
I know you will laugh.

Angelina is a very young beautiful babe that requires Time & Money too.
She must be called 24 times a day, she must-watch movies
every weekend, make her hair and be taken to an eatery on Sundays. 

Miss Angelina needs Time & Money, as well as Mr. E. 
Time & Money is very necessary for the survival of a beautiful relationship and also, Time and Money is required for projects. So, which project should Mr. E concentrate on? 
A young man hustle should not be wasted. 50 naira can go along way in achieving a dream.  Your dreams can die in the house without money.

Who Got the Blame?
If Mr. E cannot achieve his dream of owning the global Company in the World because of the maintenance of a babe
Who Got the Blame?

This is F U N s t o r y
From The Amazing Prince Lee

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