New Release: The Great Teacher – DÁmazing Prince Lee

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THE GREAT TEACHER is a song that expresses some of the characters of the Holy Spirit. There are a lot of benefits you can acquire in relating to the Holy Ghost. The Holy Spirit can teach you all things, everything you ever wish to know. He thought me how to sing, He is our wisdom, He is the Word of God. He is our Father and our Friend. This is the first song that is produced in the EP or Album called the TRUE STORY by D’Amazing Prince Lee

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I thank the Holy Spirit for releasing a song like this through me and I also thank all those who worked tirelessly in the production of this song.
I thank my Pastor and Father in the Lord Rev. Chris Oyakhilome (D.Sc., D.D.), for teaching me the word of God.
I also thank my Zonal Director Pastor Amaechi Udeaku for his love and for imparting me with abundant grace.

I thank AgOD the music producer of this song and co-producer T. James. Agod took this song production as his own. And he paid so much respect to Jesus Christ who brought this song to him through the Holy Ghost.

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