Funstory – When a witch sings

Posted by - October 28, 2020

Believe me, This might not be your favorite story because of the character involved because you know the implications of *A Witch Singing* There is so much about ministration and personality, Character, and the level of faith in ministry. Music comes from the heart so when a wicked man or a wicked woman sings, they

The Call Series > Chapter 1: The Smoke

Posted by - September 15, 2020

The CALL SERIES is a very interesting story of the Funstory this season about a man called Saint Jonathan who wants to be like God after he came in contact with a man called the preacher man on a bus to Rutudama.It comprises of 5 wonder chapters:The Smoke,The Holy Land,The Way,The Truth,The Life Now the

FLIGHT P47193 by Klynic

Posted by - September 14, 2020

While battling the thoughts and emotions that come with leaving home, a young man, aboard flight P47193, finds solace in a young woman he ineptly misjudged. Click the link below to read the story Mr. Klynic is the writer of BESOTTED a young naive college girl, who only wanted to fall in love and

THE SMOKE > The call series

Posted by - September 7, 2020

Since the beginning of time until today, man has been in search of inspiration. They climb the mountains and the hills. They’ even tasted fruits & smoke leaves in search of hidden truths, knowledge, and mysteries.

BESOTTED – By klynic

Posted by - July 30, 2020

Besotted, tracks the life of a young naive college girl, who only wanted to fall in love and be loved, but was unaware of the many prices she would have to both pay and live with. Read Story About the Author He is a storyteller with a bias for love stories, this can be seen

The greedy man – LOCKdown Inspiration Series

Posted by - May 18, 2020

Once upon a time, there was a man named Kuru from Pinneaple Island. Please you need to understand that Pinneaple Island is not Pinneaple vegetation.It is a beautiful Island, blessed with milk & honey and different species of fish. Mr. kuru. was a known greedy man in the land. he was a proud-looking man with

Why do we go to school? | WhO Got The Blame Series

Posted by - October 27, 2019

We go to school to learn how to solve problems but unfortunately, many go to school to learn how to catch fun. That is why The amazing Prince Lee derived d equation below:Poor Education = Poor Economy. If you can solve problems, the world will run to you to get solutions because everybody needs help.They

Cockroaches & Rat Demons | WhO Got the Blame series

Posted by - June 15, 2019

Let me just go straight to the point. If the devil chooses Cockroaches & Rats as a force against me, then the devil has a very small mind-set because his agents will be facing Lions, Tigers, and Elephants.Prince Lee is not foolish to choose ants as an agent in defense of the Cockroaches & Rats