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The Call Series > Chapter 1: The Smoke

The CALL SERIES is a very interesting story of the Funstory this season about a man called Saint Jonathan who wants to be like God after he came in contact with a man called the preacher man on a bus to Rutudama.
It comprises of 5 wonder chapters:
The Smoke,
The Holy Land,
The Way,
The Truth,
The Life

Now the Story Begins
Since the beginning of time until today, man has been in search of inspiration. They climb the mountains and the hills. They’ even tasted fruits & smoke leaves in search of hidden truths, knowledge, and mysteries.

Saint Jonathan is a young man who became a Saint by listening to a man called the preacher man in 1984 on a bus traveling from damaturu to rutumada.

After reading a book called The books of Moses and The Chronicles.again. Jonathan started seeking for powers and obtained a desire to be like God. He started searching for THE SMOKE.

The Burning fire.
After long hours of meditation under a mango tree in rutudama, St Jonathan started having some sensation. He just finished reading more books.
Mrs. Pretty his uncle’s beautiful wife was so observant She noticed Mr. Saint has not eaten or drank water since he came back from damaturu.
Mr. Saint,
she called with a calm voice. I hope you are well.
You haven’t eaten or drank water since you came back from damaturu.
Jonathan said I have a desire.
I have not been able to drink or eat since I began searching for The Smoke. I am feeling a burning desire inside my heart and I feel like flying.

Mrs, Pretty was confused and didn’t understand what Mr. Saint was trying to explain. They are not aware of Mr, Saint’s encounter with the preacher.
So she said may God grant your heart desire and walked to the bedroom to talk to her husband.

Darling are you sure St. Jonathan is not going insane? He has not eaten or drank water for days now and he continues sitting under the mango tree every day to speak mysteries.
Ok honey, her husband replied, thank God I am a psychiatrist. Let me see what I can do to help my beloved brother.

He worked with Mr. St Jonathan to know the problem. Jonathan seeing his Uncle approaching, He said uncle I am so sorry sir that I am on the mountain now and have not eaten, drank water, or talk to anyone.
Uncle T. replied with a smile on his face, I know you are on the mountain that is why I spend days to climb this mountain to save you. You have not eaten for many days and you have lost weight.
Uncle was so proud that he was doing his job so well but St Jonathan quickly understood what his uncle is trying to do because he knows the uncle’s profession. He told his uncle that he is actually fasting and praying and he is about to go to the Holy Land to pray more because he is in search of THE SMOKE.

The smoke? The uncle asked surprisingly. Yes, The Smoke. St Jonathan replied.
Thanks, Uncle T and Anti Pretty. I really enjoyed my stay here.

I am on my way to the Holy Land now

This is the end of the topic The Burning fire.
Next week we are going to be reading about St Jonathan in the Holy Land. Did he finally get what he was looking for?
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Series: The Call
1. The Smoke
2. The Holy Land
3. The Way
4. The truth
5. The Life

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