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The greedy man – LOCKdown Inspiration Series

Once upon a time, there was a man named Kuru from Pinneaple Island. Please you need to understand that Pinneaple Island is not Pinneaple vegetation.
It is a beautiful Island, blessed with milk & honey and different species of fish.

Mr. kuru. was a known greedy man in the land. he was a proud-looking man with the desire to be the only fisherman in the land. In other to achieve his dream, he has to develop a scheme to terminate the businesses of other fishermen and traders in the land.

What a demonic mindset.

in the process of manufacturing a substance, that will eliminate other fishermen products, disaster happened and there was a linkage that contaminated the whole waters of pineapple Island.
Lives were wasted that all the villagers had to elude the land and left Mr. kuru alone to remain in Pinneaple Island and live proudly.

He tried to come to the new place but they sent him back.

Oh, what a story,
Greed is a seed from the devil that causes no good but harm. The decision you make today affects another person’s life because we are all connected. We are one

This is the Amazing Prince Lee

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