Title: Inner Peace & Happiness | lover Of peace series


Let us know what causes sadness or anger

1. Hunger:
They say a hungry man is an angry man.

2. Lack of Love:
The opposite of Love is hatred. So therefore when there is no Love anger emerge but God is Love so you can take overdose of God

Now that you have been enlightened, let the F U N s t o r y begin.

One day I was in the office feeling so sad for nothing.
Believe me,
Nobody offended me. I was just angry without any reason
I know that you must have experienced this before too.

Guess What?
The moment I ate boiled corn, it was like a fountain of joy was poured on me
Then I said to myself, so this anger was caused by hungry? Ah!
many people are angry without knowing the cause O

Do u know dat u can consciously make yourself happy?
if u want to learn it pls read the Month of MAY Rhapsody of Realities DAY 11, Saturday.

This is F U N s t o r y
From The Amazing Prince Lee

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